Trepassey Residential Care Home Celebrate National Carer Appreciation Week

Trepassey Residential Care Home in Heswall, part of a not for profit charitable trust of residential care homes in Cheshire and the Wirral is celebrating National Carer Appreciation Week.
The home has experienced the toughest few months in its existence since COVID-19 struck the nation. A quarter of all deaths in the UK were reported in care homes. To date, we have been successful in keeping COVID-19 away from all the homes in our trust, an achievement that has not been possible for so many other homes due to a number of reasons.
The teams work tirelessly each day to ensure that the safety, health and wellbeing of the residents is maintained (which is more crucial than ever during these difficult times), especially when visits from residents’ families have had to stop. To combat this, we have leaned heavily towards technology and the residents really do enjoy a FaceTime chat with their loved ones. Trepassey is also offering ‘Drive Thru’ style visiting, so that families can visit whilst still adhering to social distancing guidelines.
Residents and their families have shown their appreciation for the teams hard work, with gifts to express their thanks and gratitude. They have also received cakes, Thank You cards and video messages These have been incredible morale boosters during these unprecedented times.
Rachel Tucker – Home Manager says; “There isn’t really ever going to be enough words to say how much I appreciate all of my team. I could not ask for a better team. One thing I truly admire most is not only the genuine care you have for all the residents and their families but also for each other. These last few months have been possibly the hardest we will ever have to face in the care industry and the way all of you have worked though this, supporting each other and management has been incredible. You are appreciated every day of the week, but this week is our time to celebrate all you do”.
The trusts CEO, Robert MacGregor also commented to say; “The world has changed so much since the Trust was founded in 1947 but, perhaps, never quite so dramatically as it is changing right now.
The compassionate nature and team spirit shown by our carers and all of their colleagues in our homes has never faltered but it has never been tested to the extent that it is being now, during this dreadful pandemic.
They have displayed levels of courage, determination and dedication that go beyond anything that we might ask of them normally, without flinching, because they are proud to be carers , just as we are so very proud of them .
Many thanks to you all”
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