Laird Assessors announce new Engineer Academy

Leading independent vehicle experts, Laird Assessors, have launched an Engineers’ Academy to train, develop & support people looking for a career in motor engineering.

Laird have developed an Engineering Academy to take a person from rookie apprentice to a fully qualified motor engineer. The academy is a formalised version of the various, and sometimes siloed, training that has been given to their staff over the years.

Recognising that some of their best staff have been mentored & developed in-house, often starting in trainee positions and developing over the years into qualified roles, the management team at Laird decided to create a frame work linking the various stages of development. In-house training combines with some specialist automotive courses to complete the programme.

Acknowledging the benefits of having a coherent & unified pathway to full industry certified qualifications, Laird’s managers developed the system during lockdown. Having invested over £100k over the last two years they have also secured some funding for trainees and expect to devote a similar sum over the next year alone.

Managing Director Nik Ellis said, “The industry has struggled to develop engineers & assessors, so we thought it was about time we did something positive about it. There’s lots of individual courses but nothing holistic to incorporate the varied directions of our industry”.

Head of Automotive, Lee Baty added, “This is a natural step forward for us, joining the various programs together into a coherent development plan, ensuring our teams are the best versions they can be.”

The academy is launching this February so the Laird team are inviting applications here: