Helping our Community

For some years now the Rotary Club of Heswall has held an Afternoon Tea Party for a number of Senior Citizens who are not able to go out very much and also may be suffering from health problems. The Club is indebted to HELPLINK for its assistance in providing a list of the names of suitable people to attend.

Regrettably, this year it has not been possible to hold this event due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. It was an afternoon our guests very much looked forward to as it was an opportunity for each to meet others and forge friendships. Also our Rotarian volunteers collected and returned each guest to their home which made the outing possible. The venue used was the church hall attached to All Saints Church in Thornton Hough. There was a quiz followed by a free raffle with virtually every guest going home with a prize. A lovely Afternoon Tea was provided and enjoyed by all.

However, an idea was conceived to endeavour to ensure that the theme of this Afternoon Tea Party was not totally lost or forgotten. It was decided to deliver an individual Afternoon Tea to about 40 Senior Citizens, each Tea beautifully gift wrapped. The project appears to have been a huge success; in fact I have received some thank you cards as well as a few telephone calls thanking the Club for its kindness. I am of course most grateful to all the Rotarians who kindly gave of their time to make these deliveries.

Martin Middleton
Chairman of ComVoc
(Community and Vocational Service Committee)