An update from the Pensby Community Association

About 3 years ago the Pensby Community Association was formed, at the time when the Pensby Hotel was due to close. It was felt that the loss of this central landmark would take the heart out of Pensby Village and we wanted to ensure that the community spirit of our area was nurtured and the environment improved. Now we have an excellent Care Home in place of the Pensby Hotel, making good use of the ample plot, and we have various activities being supported by the combined efforts of the Pensby Community Association, the Pensby Library Volunteers and the Friends of Pensby Library. The Library has become the focus of these activities, apart from the library activities, mentioned above, there have been music nights, quiz nights and Bingo nights, usually held on the last Friday of the month, the next one being on 31 January 2020.
Other activities of the Pensby Community Association have been aimed at fund-raising for Christmas lights and planters for ‘Pensby in Bloom’. In 2019 we successfully raised funds from Tesco, the Wirral West Community Fund and the Wirral Together Fund (both the latter being from Wirral Council). This has enabled us to install 9 railing-mounted planters near the cross-roads of Pensby Road and Fishers Lane, as well as restocking the 4 octagonal planters previously acquired by Thingwall Allotment Society. Just before Christmas we were able to fund the lighting of a 3rd tree by the Co-op, to match the others by the Library. We also bought a Christmas tree and lights to be installed on the grounds of St Michael’s and All Angels Church. We were very happy to work with the Churchwarden, who organised members of the congregation to erect the tree and lay on the electricity supply. The lights were switched on during the Victorian Christmas event already planned by the church, on 7 December. Everyone in the area has been very complimentary about the improvement to the environment of Pensby Village, which was completed by the installation of a 2-tier planter next to Belmar and Liston, Funeral Directors.
We will continue to carry out fund-raising activities to extend and maintain the Christmas lights. We would welcome new members and ideas for the Committee to implement on behalf of the Pensby Community. Do visit our Facebook site: