A message from Tesco Heswall

Gareth Lloyd, Store Manager at Tesco Heswall as asked us to pass on the following message to readers…

From today (26th March) Tesco Heswall will be introducing some social distancing measures in order to protect our colleagues and our customers along with a slight change to our trading hours.

Our opening hours will now be 7am to 10pm Monday to Saturday with an additional hour for NHS colleagues 9am-10am on Sunday morning.

We are also offering our elderley and vulnerable customers a chance to shop Monday / Wednesday and Friday 9.00- 10.00hrs.

Going forward we will be asking customers to respect:-

1. One customer, one trolley. Whole families will not be allowed into the store. The exceptions to this rule will be a child that is not legally allowed to be left alone or frail, older people that cannot get around on their own.

2. If we reach a capacity that I deem to be unsafe for both colleagues and customers then we will operate a one in, one out policy. The queue for this will stretch around past the coffee shop and down to the car wash.

3. We will only allow customers to come in the main entrance and leave via the exit behind the checkouts.

4. If a queue builds up at the checkouts we will not allow this to snake down every aisle but will move the customers queueing to the last aisle (wines and spirits). This will allow us to call each customer safely to a till (social distancing rules). Of course if we have such a long queue, I will suspend entry to the store.

5. If too many customers go down an aisle whilst we are filling, we will close off the aisle to allow colleagues to continue filling the shelves. We will also be using hazard tape to help customers understand what 2 metres apart actually looks like.

6. We have already implemented only opening every other checkout (including self serve) in order to keep to the social distancing rules.

I hope you all understand that we are doing this purely to safeguard colleagues and the public.

Stay safe.